The ATA conduct trail inspection by trained volunteers who then assess and publish maintenance specifications.

Once agreed with the land manager the ATA co-ordinate fully insured, voluntary, trail maintenance sessions.


Our Mission

To maintain sustainable mountain bike trail networks in Aberdeenshire.

Aberdeenshire hosts at least 400km of mountain bike trails, spread around the many hills, mountains, woodlands, farmland and moorland. Some trails are purpose made, and many more are ‘wild trails’.

Wild trails are those which are created without authorisation, sometimes poor quality, sometimes of a very high standard. Scotland’s wild trails are considered to be a major factor in the production of world class mountain bikers on the international competitive stage.

The ATA works collaboratively with land owners and land managers to provide voluntary support in maintaining Aberdeenshire’s purpose-made trail network and a network of sustainable natural trails.

The successful outcomes of good trail maintenance would be:

  • Fewer land management and environmental conflicts;

  • Increased local economic activity;

  • Increasing trail durability and quality;

  • Elevating the profile of the sport and supporting new mountain bikers in Aberdeenshire; and

  • Increasing the region’s attractiveness to visiting mountain bikers.